Sunday, June 5, 2016

No Hand Washing In Fort Worth City Parks

Yesterday when I got goosed in Lucy Park I took a picture of the sign you see here. A couple days ago I blogged about the wayfinding signage one finds all over Wichita Falls.

This would be another example of that wayfinding signage.

Can you spot the item on this sign that one would be unlikely to find in a Fort Worth park?

Okay, well, I guess one would not find a Fort Worth park sign pointing one to a waterfall, a park named O'Reilly or a place called Lucy Land.

But, it is a sign pointing toward "Restrooms" which I am focused on, which one is unlikely to find in a Fort Worth park.

One also is unlikely to find a sign pointing one to running water where one might get a drink or wash ones hands after using one of Fort Worth's parks many outhouses.

During my month of staying in North Richland Hills, prior to the move to Wichita Falls, I discovered that all the parks I visited, big and small, in the suburbs of Fort Worth, towns like Haltom City, Watauga, Keller and NRH had modern facilities in their parks.

In Wichita Falls all the parks I have visited have modern facilities. Including many drinking fountains.

Fort Worth's primitive parks came to mind a couple days ago when I saw the following in the Seattle Times.

Does the FDA know that there is a big American city with parks with picnic facilities with no modern facilities, including no running water?

Now, I know Fort Worth is under some sort of bizarre protective bubble which makes the town immune from the laws which govern the democratic, modern areas of America, hence corrupt judges, corrupt courts, corrupt public works projects and corrupt swindles, like the Chesapeake Energy debacle.

But, shouldn't some state or federal agency intervene in Fort Worth for public safety's sake? And make the town either close its parks lacking modern facilities, or install such amenities.

A few paragraphs from the Seattle Times article about the FDA's complaint about Horizon Air's lack of onboard hand-washing ability, with the points being made also applicable to the lack of running water in Fort Worth's parks...

Wash your hands. It’s an instruction that takes a bit of reminding for elementary-school children and commercial airlines alike, apparently.

Without hand-washing facilities, the lavatories are not sufficient for employees to handle food and ice, the agency said in a tersely worded letter, and “can increase the potential spread of communicable disease.”

“People are in close contact. All it takes is one person with an infection and it can easily spread on an airplane,” he said. “Hand-washing is one of those things you can’t do without.”

Hand-washing is one of those things you can't do without? Unless you have the misfortune to be picnicking in one of Fort Worth's city parks....

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