Thursday, June 2, 2016

Jogging In The Texas Rain Before Getting Too HOT In Arizona

What you are looking at here is part of the patio view of the outer world at my current  location. The patio view and patio at my new location is about 10 times bigger than the previous location.

With a much clearer view of much cleaner air.

Can you tell the patio deck is wet?

The patio deck seems to be wet more often than it is dry in this drippy maritime-like climate I am currently living with.

Day after day of rain. And fog. And fog with rain. Sometimes rain and fog with thunder and strong wind.

And bugs. Lots of biting bugs.

Yesterday my little brother mentioned that the day after day after day of blue sky heated to over 100 degrees at his location in the Phoenix suburb of Scottsdale had already gotten tiresome, early on in this HOT time of the year.

So, my little brother is heading north soon for a respite from the heat in the relatively chilly Pacific Northwest, staying with his Number One Grandson, Spencer Jack, and Spencer Jack's Number One Dad, my Favorite Nephew Jason.

The last time I escaped the Texas summer HEAT was from July 20 to August 20 of 2008. I pretty much shivered the entire month.

I won't be escaping the Texas HEAT this summer via heading to the Northwest. I may escape the Texas HEAT, and get even HOTTER, by heading to the Phoenix zone at some point in time this summer.

In the meantime, it is that time of the day when I go jogging in the rain. Don't knock it til you try it....

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