Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Father's Day Part Two: McDonald's In Pink

The wonders of the modern world really are a wonder at times.

Around noon I texted my dad with a "Happy Father's Day Pa!"

To which my dad quickly texted back "Thanks!"

Then a short while ago Spencer Jack's dad, my Favorite Nephew Jason, texted me the photo you see here, with the text saying....

Just received incoming photo of your father from my father. Apparently they are having Sunday Father's Day brunch at McDonalds.

Who does the color coordinating of my mom and dad's outfits? My dad? Maybe mom can still make out colors through her degenerated macular.

Who would a thunk, 20 years ago, that electronic communicating would evolve such as it has. My brother snaps a picture of mom and dad in an Arizona McDonalds, then sends the photo, via his phone to his eldest son, who still lives in Washington, who then sends the photo to my dad's eldest son, who still lives in Texas.

All done without those vexing long distance type phone charges of now ancient times.

During Spencer Jack and his dad's recent trek though Yellowstone and the Lewis and Clark Caverns the boys documented what they were doing via texting photos and videos.

Years ago when I was on a roadtrip I would buy these things called postcards. Then, at night, settled in in a motel room or campsite, I'd entertain myself writing long-winded messages on those postcards  and find a place to mail them the next morning.

That seems so primitive now.

Usually I would have returned home before anyone received one of my postcards.

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