Friday, June 17, 2016

Spencer Jack Takes His Dad Spelunking In Montana's Lewis & Clark Caverns

Incoming email from Spencer Jack and his dad from Montana.

Message in email...

FUD - Spencer loved your uncle recommended cave outing. As did your aging nephew.

We are ending our road trip this evening in Bozeman.

Will call you sometime in the near future to tell you about our trip.

Ttyl, FNJ

The cave to which FNJ refers are the Lewis and Clark Caverns in Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park in the great state of Montana.

I first spelunked in these caverns decades ago. At that point in time a narrow gauge train took spelunkers to a steep vertical tram which delivered the spelunkers to the cavern entry. Years later I was back and dismayed to find the train and tram no longer existed, and that to tour the caverns one now had to take a long hike, following the tour guide, to the cavern entry.

Judging from the first picture, above, I am guessing the train and tram have not returned, and that a long hike still takes spelunkers to the cavern entry.

Spencer Jack appears cheered up and recovered from the likely long hike to the entry to the caverns.

Lewis and Clark Caverns were the first such thing I ever experienced. In later years I found myself in multiple other caverns, such as Carlsbad in New Mexico, and Lehman Cave in Nevada, and Wind Cave in South Dakota.

But, Lewis and Clark Caverns in Montana remain my favorite. It may be the Beaver Slide which has left this cavern etched in my memory. I am guessing the above picture was taken either before or after Spencer Jack slid the Beaver Slide.

Yeah, it appears that Spencer Jack had himself a mighty fine time visiting the stalagmites and stalactites that live in the Lewis and Clark Caverns.

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