Friday, June 24, 2016

Communing With Nature In The Wichita Falls Lucy Park Shade

No, that is not the Trinity River you are looking at here, looking inviting as it flows through Fort Worth.

What you are looking at here is the Wichita River as it flows through Lucy Park in Wichita Falls, a town about 130 miles northwest of Fort Worth.

In flood mode the Wichita River turns a cool Utah redrock color that I like. In non-flood mode the Wichita River turns the color you see here. Still murky, but somewhat clear, in that I could see a fish or two or three.

And you have to admit, the Wichita River and its riverbank is scenic. Note the total absence of litter.

Unlike the Trinity River as it sludges through Fort Worth.

I make note of remarkably less litter in Wichita Falls than that which regularly appalled me in messy Fort Worth.

I don't think I mentioned it but yesterday I got my aerobically induced endorphins via mountain climbing on Mount Wichita. The novelty of mountain climbing on Mount Wichita is starting to wear off. It is almost too aerobic. And unlike a place like Fort Worth's Tandy Hills, there is not a lot of trail variation.

Sticking with our comparing Wichita Falls to Fort Worth theme. An item such as you see below I have never seen in a Fort Worth park.

No. It's not some sort of high tech modern restroom facility with running water. What it is is an exercise station. I have come across this type installation in Lucy Park and in Lake Wichita Park, near Mount Wichita.

The exercise device you see on the right is the only one I can sort of do. You sit on the bench and then push forward on the bars, with the strength of your arms lifting the seat up. In other words, the fatter you are the more difficult this is to do.

Which basically is true of all things.

Which may explain why I am unable to manage even one pull up on the pull up bar part of this exercise installation. Or one parallel dip.

Even though the temperature was somewhere in the 90s zone I had myself a mighty fine time today communing with nature in Lucy Park. Plenty of trees provide plenty of shade. And a good cooling wind was blowing.

A lot of kids were enjoying the Lucy Park pool. Next to the pool another large group of kids was engaging in some sort of activity at the Lucy Park log cabin.

Again comparing Wichita Falls to Fort Worth. I never saw Wichita Falls type park activity in any of the Fort Worth parks I visited over the years.

What is wrong with Fort Worth? Why are there not more people asking that question and demanding answers? There is no reason Fort Worth can not become a modern American city. Except for its inept leadership and backwards ways of getting things done, whilst propagandizing the opposite to be the truth....

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