Saturday, June 11, 2016

Playing With Lucy Park Tyrannosaurus Before Suspension Over Wichita River

After a month of being in what is known as the Texoma Zone it seems that Lucy Park has become my Saturday commune with nature Wichita Falls place to go.

And so it was to Lucy Park I went today.

I have yet to learn why Lucy Park is so named. I am assuming it is not some sort of tribute to Lucille Ball.

What you are looking at in the first picture is what is part of what is known as Lucy Land in Lucy Park. I think this is supposed to represent the remains of a dinosaur. From the big head in the foreground I am guessing this dinosaur was a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

After playing for a few minutes in Lucy Land I headed northeast along the banks of the Wichita River, eventually coming to the Lucy Park suspension bridge suspended above the Wichita River.

Last week the flooding Wichita nearly touched the suspension bridge. This week, due to diminished deluging, the Wichita water level had fallen.

When I got to the bridge I saw a lady was slowly, gingerly pushing her bike across the bridge.

Of course I could not resist walking fast onto the bridge, quickly turning it into a Galloping Gertie.

I was a distance away, but I am fairly certain when she turned around the look on her face was not happy. However, she did not yell at me to cease with the rocking.

Does it surprise any of you not familiar with Texas to see that Wichita Falls, in the Texas Panhandle Plains Region, looks like a lush tropical jungle in some of these locations I am showing you?

No bug bites today. Either the heat has killed off the biters, or the Cutter bug repellent is working. Or maybe a little bit of both...

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