Sunday, June 12, 2016

Beautiful Texas Sunday Trapped Undercover With Flash Flooding All Around Me

What you are looking at here is me expressing my help me I am trapped expression. My help me I am trapped expression does not much differ from my I don't need help because I am not trapped expression.

When I left my abode today to drive to ALDI to get jicama among other items the sunglasses were needed.

A couple days ago the North Texas weather predictors were predicting day after day of sunny blue sky at my location, with a possible thunderstorm several days, maybe a week, in the future.

Well, late yesterday afternoon, on a Saturday that was supposed to be sunny, suddenly turned very dark. Soon thunder was booming and rain was downpouring.

Today, on this second Sunday of June, by the time I arrived at ALDI, the sky had again turned dark, with what looked like an enormous gray cloud hovering over Wichita Falls. A strong wind was gusting as I made my way into ALDI.

Exiting ALDI a few minutes later the sky still looked threatening, but nothing was dripping or booming.

About a minute later large drips started dropping on my windshield. As I drove south on Rhea Avenue, heading towards Southwest Boulevard, the rain increased a bit in intensity, but nowhere near downpour mode.

Reaching Southwest Boulevard I headed east the short distance to Taft Boulevard, where I turn left to get to my abode. As I sat waiting a long time for the light to change I saw heavy duty wetness advancing towards me from the east. I don't recollect seeing this before, watching a road go from semi-dry to drenched, with the drenching relentlessly marching towards me.

The light seemed stuck on red.

When the downpour reached me it quickly became apparent hail was in the mix. Just as I was considering running the redlight, and making a dash for cover, the light changed to green.

A couple hundred feet later I was undercover, safe from vehicular hail damage. But, by then the downpour had turned into one of the most torrential I'd ever seen. Extremely noisy, pounding the parking cover roof. And then the thunder started up. Soon mini-flash flooding was happening all around me, with rain blowing in on me.

I began to consider making a run for it.

After about ten minutes of the making a run for it consideration I grabbed my two ALDI bags and took off running. By the time I reached my entry door I was totally drenched.

And now, a couple hours later blue sky has returned, overhead, but I see big, fluffy white clouds in the distance.

Thunderstorms are back on the forecast menu.....

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