Monday, June 20, 2016

Flat Tire Fix Takes Me To Site Of Former Lake Wichita Pavilion

No, that is not me looking tired and disgusted at Lake Wichita's version of Lake Travis' Hippie Hollow.

What you are actually looking at is me at the former site of the Lake Wichita Pavilion.

From nearby informational signage...

The Lake Wichita Pavilion, built in 1909-10 featured a cafe and skating rink on the first floor and a dance hall on the second floor. It burned down in 1955. Pilings from the Pavilion's pier can be seen in the water in front of you.

In my case that should be changed to "seen in the water behind you".

As you can see there is not much wave action on the lake, because little wind is blowing on this first summer day of 2016.

The summer solstice started off annoying for me. Soon after the arrival of the sun I looked out my kitchen window to see that my mechanized means of transport had developed a flat tire overnight. About an hour later I had the tire removed and the spare installed. I then drove to a tire repair place where a few minutes later the spare was back in its usual location.

I have to drive back to the Dallas/Fort Worth mess this week. Inflated tires are a requisite for that drive.

I forgot to slather on sun screen today. Or spray bug repellent. I did not get any bug bites. It is too soon to tell if I got sunburned. As you can see, all this sun I am exposed to has turned me back into being blonde. With freckles...

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