Friday, June 10, 2016

Something Fishy In My New Wichita Falls Neighborhood Not Found In Fort Worth

From around the age of 5 til I was around the age of 18 I lived across the street from a city park, that being Maiben Park in the little town of Burlington, Washington.

From around the age of 18 til about a month ago I did not live across the street from a city park.

Where I am currently aboding I don't even have to cross the street to be in a Wichita Falls city park known as Weeks Park.

An extremely short distance from my abode there is another park. I have seen this park referred to as being South Weeks Park. Or maybe South of Weeks Park. All I know for sure is this other park is not directly connected to Weeks Park.

One sees no signage naming this other nearby park when one is visiting that park. But, if one wanders around the park eventually one sees a big boulder with a plaque attached. Which is what you see above.

On the plaque one sees the closest thing to a park name that I have found.


This Fishing Pond is regularly stocked. During the warm time of the year the stocking is Channel Catfish. During the cold time of the year the stocking is Rainbow Trout.

This park was the first park I saw upon my arrival in Wichita Falls. It intrigued me the first time I drove by it, due to being surprised to see a large number of people fishing, including two of what appeared to be old ladies. This reminded me of my Grandma Vera, who loved to fish.

The day I took these pictures there were not too many people fishing. About a week prior, on my way to the nearby Walmart, I was surprised to see dozens of kids fishing. The next day I learned this was a regularly scheduled Wichita Falls city program.

Kids can fish without needing a license. People who are not kids require a license.

As you can see the Fishing Pond has a lot of that Wichita Falls requisite.


This town must have more benches, per capita, that any other town in the world.

In the above picture, in the background, above the fountain, you can see a gazebo atop a grassy knoll.

The grassy knoll did not look to be much of a hill climb, but looks proved to be slightly deceiving.

The population of Wichita Falls is about eight times smaller than the town I lived in prior to moving here.

Why is it Fort Worth has no stocked pond for kids to fish in? Fosdick Lake in Fort Worth's Oakland Lake Park would make for a wonderful stocked fishing pond. Of course, the lake would need to be de-polluted so the Not Safe To Eat The Fish You Catch signs can be removed.

Fort Worth is sadly lacking in the parks department.


I think I may have mentioned that lacking in the parks department thing before.

Above you are looking at yet one more thing you will find lacking in most Fort Worth city parks. A restroom facility with running water.

In this case a non-controversial uni-sex restroom.

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