Wednesday, June 22, 2016

In Arlington Today At Mount Viridian Causing Elsie Hotpepper To Laugh Out Loud

No, that is not Mount Wichita in Wichita Falls you are looking at here, with trucks hauling in fresh dirt to add to the mountain's elevation.

What you are looking at here is Mount Viridian, in Arlington, as viewed from River Legacy Park.

I was in River Legacy Park gazing at Mount Viridian today during one of multiple stops during my once a month return to the Dallas/ Fort Worth zone.

I was done mountain gazing and sitting at a picnic table in the shade when I woke up my phone to see I had not un-muted it and that I had a few of those text message type messages.

One was from Elsie Hotpepper telling me that this morning I had caused her a rare outbreak of laughing out loud.

I texted back asking what was laughable. And that I was currently in Arlington looking at Mount Viridian.

Elsie Hotpepper texted back making several inquiries about various issues including the perplexing question of asking why I was at the DUMP and asking why she was not informed I was going to be in town so that a lunch could be scheduled..

I texted Elsie back that if she ever read my blog she would have read I was heading to D/FW on Wednesday.

Elsie then made up some convoluted excuse about not being able to read lately.

I don't like going to lunch, anyway, but, I do do coffee.

I think the last time I went to lunch was way back in February with Elsie Hotpepper and Mary K. I ended up having a severe choking bout. It was traumatic. I have yet to fully recover.

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