Monday, June 6, 2016

Have A Drink From The Wichita Falls Golden Fountain

Here you are looking at an excellent example of why I am liking Wichita Falls much more than my previous location.

My new abode is on Taft Boulevard.

A couple days ago, whilst talking to Tootsie Tonasket, I crossed Southwest Boulevard to South Taft Boulevard, for the first time.

Suffice to say, I need to make video of that road.

So, I'm heading south on Taft Boulevard, being regaled by Tootsie Tonasket, when suddenly the Lake Wichita Dam pops into view.

I had no idea this was so close to my abode.

Less than a mile to the dam, so that is where I went today for my daily commune with nature.

As for the excellent example of why I'm liking Wichita Falls. At the base of the dam, on the south side of the parking lot there is the golden drinking fountain you see here, brought to water drinkers by the Wichita Falls Runners Club, who invite thirsty people to "HAVE A DRINK ON US".

I have seen more drinking fountains and park benches in one month in Wichita Falls than I saw in 15 years in Fort Worth.

And I have yet to find a Wichita Falls park without running water and restroom facilities, with none with the Fort Worth outhouse norm.

I harp on the Fort Worth penchant for outhouses absurdity because it has long annoyed me. And I've long had an aversion to outhouses. Seeing rows of such things in a modern American city park just seems bizarre and embarrassing to me.

But, I can only surmise that most Fort Worthers never venture to another town, not even surrounding suburbs, to get a clue as to how backwards their town is in so many embarrassing ways.

Like having parks with no running water to wash ones hands. Some Fort Worth parks don't even have outhouses, let alone running water. Mallard Cove Park comes to mind. For some reason Quanah Parker Park has a water fountain, but nary an outhouse, let alone a modern restroom facility.

In addition to seeing more water fountains and benches in one month in Wichita Falls than I saw in 15 years in Fort Worth, I am surprised, no matter which park I go to, by how many Wichita Fallers are out and about enjoying the parks. Walking, biking, bench sitting, picnicking, fishing, boating.

Just today, on my jog across Lake Wichita Dam I was passed by at least a couple dozen bikers, coming at me, and coming up behind me. Along with the bikers I came upon at least a dozen walkers.

In the above picture we are looking northwest across Lake Wichita at the Mount Wichita mini-volcano on the other side of the lake.

I sort of lost my affection for the Mount Wichita mini-volcano after my last visit when I was savagely attacked by hordes of biting insects.  When the bug population dies down in a month or two I likely will return to Mount Wichita.

Unless it is too HOT....

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