Saturday, June 27, 2009

Texas Tarantula Terror With Hot Hiking & Texas License Plates

Like I said would happen, in a blogging earlier today, about 1` this afternoon, when it was only 102, I went to the Tandy Hills Natural Area. There was no breeze today. But as long as I keep moving the heat isn't too hot. But, if you stop walking for just the time it takes to take a picture, well, suddenly it goes to drenched in sweat mode.

I tried to take a picture of one of the remaining wildflowers, but every attempt turned out blurry. Why? I do not know. It perplexes me. I think it may be a heat related malady.

When I got back here I was mortified to learn that out in West Texas, in the metropolis of Wink, Jammin Mole had been Terrorized this morning by a Giant Tarantula. Homeland security eventually subdued the beast.

Back in my Tarantula free world, I hope, this morning I made a different sort of webpage on my Eyes on Texas website, one where I'm trying to be helpful. That often is not the case. This past week I've gotten 5 or 6 people asking me questions about Texas Personalized License Plates, and the "It's a Whole Other Country" one in particular.

Why do people think I'm the go to guy with such a question? The questions about rattlesnake skins and rattles, I sort of understand, due to the webpages about the Sweetwater Rattlesnake Roundup. Or questions about next month's Parker County Peach Festival, those I understand. I understand why I'm getting the question, I mean, I don't understand why they think I'd have the answer.

As for Texas License Plates, I have no idea where these questions are coming from or what on my website would make anyone think I know anything about the subject. But helping people solve their problems is what I'm all about, so now I have the answers to the vexing Texas License Plate Questions.

Abrupt change of subject, returning to Jammin Mole and Wink. Earlier today I was surprised by an invitation from Jammin. Inviting myself, Gar the Texan and Mister Twister to Wink. This is what Ms. Mole had to say (she is commenting on a comment by Mister Twister regarding Wink in previous blogging you can read here)...

"Twister, if in fact you were expressing apathy for Wink, I'd leave it alone, BUT I'm sensing that you're actually expressing a sorta disdain for the place, making a prejudgment without having seen Wink in person. So, here it is...I'm cordially inviting you, Durango and Gar to come down to Wink in October for the Halloween Carnival and Spook House. It's only a seven hour drive and between the three of you, ya'll should be able to handle 2.5 hours of driving time each. If you like, I can even get you an Orbison T-shirt, but you'll have to supply your own shades."

Now, it's time for lunch.


twister said...

It's been awhile since I've seen a Tarantula but I have seen them on the west side of Fort Worth. Plenty of times. Spending the first years of my life in Brownwood, I never in my life imagined a spider like a Tarantula. When we moved up to F.W. and to see a spider like a Tarantula..well its spectacular as far as spiders go. We would catch them, and put them in bottles with grasshoppers, scorpions and the like, shake 'em up and see if we could start a fight between the bugs. Not much happens with the Tarantula-Scorpion combination but if the spider's hungry the grasshopper'll be long gone in a short couple.
October is a long way out and I have a fear of we'll see. =P

Durango said...

Along the paved trail on the River Legacy Park trail, where they have a series of signs telling you what wildlife to look for, one is about the tarantula. There is no sign about alligators. I think they need to add one. My only time seeing a tarantula here was while hiking a trail in Cedar Hills State Park.

A fellow Pacific Northwesterner, she with a mortal fear of spiders, moved to Ada, OK the same time I moved here. She had a fear of spiders, snakes and tornadoes. Within their first year a tarantula somehow ended up in their bed in the middle of the night, they found huge snakes were living in their attic and a tornado, very small, came up their driveway. Last summer they moved back to the northwest.

I too have many fears, that commitment thing being one of many. My usual strategy is I try to weasel out of anything I can get away with weaseling out of.

Gar said...

haha. I like the weaseling strategy. You should feel lucky to be ignorant.

The thought of returning to Wink is kind of along the lines of being forced to sit in church for 2 hours.

It makes me rather nauseous.

Durango said...

Way too many things make you nauseous. I would like to help you work through these serious issues, but I fear I lack the skills to do so. I look forward to the Return to Wink. It should be cathartic for all involved.

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

That's can commit to being noncommittal. Well, I don't have a fear of commitment, I have a track record to prove it. :)

I've already "committed" to Lara that I would attend the LEAF festival in October in WV, so you boys would have been on your own, anyways. I might share pictures from the festival, but then again...I might not.

I can go ahead and send Gar and Mister Twister Orbison T's so the three of you can walk around town together pretending you've been somewhere.

Durango said...

Okay, did Ct2's comment make any sense to anyone? LEAF festival in WV? Walking around in t-shirts pretending to have been somewhere? I'm perplexed. Really perplexed. More so than usual.