Thursday, June 25, 2009

Other Natural Hikers At Tandy Hills Natural Area Today

Incoming from Don Young. I do not know if the event DY describes occurred before, after or during my noonish hike at the Tandy Hills Natural Area.

Regardless, below is what also went on at the Tandy Hills today......

Debora and Don Young led a prairie tour today at THNA for a group of 18 enthusiastic folks from around the Metroplex enrolled in a Permaculture class. The class was organized by Meadowbrook resident and Prairie Fest volunteer, Kirsten Huber, who helped kids make seed-balls at Prairie Fest.

The Permaculture Design Certification Course instructor is Illinois resident, Wayne Weiseman. Read more about Wayne and the course in the attached document.

This is the first time a Permaculture course has been offered in the Fort Worth area. The Permaculture ethic exemplifies the essence of what it means to "go green". We should all be grateful to Kirsten for her passion and vision that made this happen. Fort Worth and planet Earth are better off thanks to her effort.


Don Young said...

Sorry we missed you. We hiked in at about 9:30 am, earlier than usual for me, but it was already very hot going up the hills. The group was fully clothed as you can see from the pic. Thanks for the shout out.

Durango said...

Those Permaculturists are so prudish regarding their hiking attire. If you thought it was HOT at 9:30 am, noon was extremely pleasant for anyone finding an open oven fun to stand by.