Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Gluteus Maximus Only Child Syndrome Ukrainians

Well. I have had me a day. In addition to our first one over the 100 mark, I've been extra HOT for other reasons.

One reason is the past couple days I finally wised up and realized I'd done a dumb dumb thing by blogging repeatedly about the search for the World's Biggest Gluteus Maximus. (I am not using the more common term I used before, the one that starts with a 'b' and ends with a 't'.)

When I wrote about that subject, repeatedly, after seeing the biggest one I'd ever seen, making it's way through Wal-Mart, little did I know that all over the world there are people searching for the world's biggest GM.

I thought it was all in good fun, me and my search, til that search, by all those people, all over the world, overwhelmed my blog. As in, at times 75% of the blog visitors are looking for that one thing. This would be fine with me. Except, understandably, the ads that that subject generates are pathetic. So, no more mention of the search for that particular ultra big thing, by me.

And then there is Only Child Syndrome. I'd blogged a lot about that subject after being traumatized by one of the worst of the breed last summer in Tacoma. I got a lot of my info from the Wikipedia article about the subject, then put my own spin on it. I was appalled to soon see my Only Child Syndrome stuff Googling #1, ahead of Wikipedia, making me, in the eyes of those OCS sufferers looking for relief, the World's #1 Only Child Syndrome expert.

I was pleased today, when I Googled "Only Child Syndrome" to see that Wikipedia is back in the #1 spot. That might not last for long, with me blogging about the subject again. I'll keep it to a minimum. At least the OCS ads are good, so I don't mind this one, like I did the biggest gluteals one.

And then there is today's Ukrainian encounter. I had not looked at my webstats in awhile. I was led to do so today when I saw the new version of Google's Webmaster Tools, in which there was a long list of search strings that bring up my webstuff at a high position. I randomly knew of some that were #1, but I had no idea how many there were. This was new information. I was sort of pleased.

So then I went to look at my website stats. I had not done this in months. They generate a lot of info. Mostly useless to me. There is a section where I get a list of websites with external links to mine. This is always interesting. Sometimes I'll find someone hotlinking to one of my pictures. I then replace it with something embarrassing and see how long it takes them to discover it.

Today on the list of links from an external page there were about 30 like the following:


Okay, that is my domain, with a lot of gibberish in front of it. This gibberish followed by a period is known as a sub-domain. When I clicked on that link it brought up my website, only via that sub-domain, that does not exist.

This freaked me out. I thought someone had hacked my website. The potential for disaster was huge. Or so I thought.

I went to my webhost and logged in to do a live chat. I hate live chats. With my webhost their live chat center is in the Ukraine. If I'm lucky I get someone who's English is not too fractured.

Today I got Evenka. Her English was not badly fractured. After a few confusions she understood the problem. She told me that any line of gibberish, pointing to a non-existent sub-domain will bring up the referenced URL. I made up one and she was right.

I asked who was doing this and why? Evenka told me it was not human, it was search bots doing their thing. She said I had nothing to worry about. I chose to believe her.

So, that's been my HOT day in Texas.

I gotta go now. I've got some Only Child Syndrome victims seeking advice who I must attend to.


twister said...

I thought you'd be happy to crack the number one position. =)

Durango said...

I am okay with cracking #1 with Only Child Syndrome, that ain't a bad crack, but cracking #1 with that other thing, that did not do me any good.