Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Friday's Arlington American Idol Audition

I barely hit the publish button on a blogging where I mentioned the upcoming American Idol auditions at the new Dallas Cowboy Stadium. In Arlington. With American Idol's website info having the stadium in Dallas.

I hit the publish button and checked email to find incoming from Kay in Houston asking "How much will parking be this week for the American Idol auditions?"

Good question. Concert goers were charged $40 for the stadium opening George Strait concert. I suspect this will not be the case for the auditions. But what do I know?

Arlington's Convention & Visitors Bureau is mounting an email campaign to let American Idol auditioners know what a "bustling" city Arlington is.

A bustling city, which also happens to be the largest city in America with absolutely no public transit, no trains, no buses. Many are concerned that the Fox American Idol website info is leading contestants to erroneously believe they can stay in Dallas and commute to Arlington via public transit. Dallas has many miles of light rail, called DART, as in Dallas Area Rapid Transit, that go no where near Arlington.

Audition registrations start tomorrow at the stadium, continuing on Thursday, with the actual singing, in front of Simon Cowell, starting on Friday, continuing on, I assume through Saturday.

But, Saturday night the Jonas Brothers are filling up the new stadium. I assume Paula Abdul & Friends will be out of town by then. We can only hope.

Kay, if you're reading this, you can park at my place for free. I can drop you off at the stadium and come pick you up, after you get your ticket to Hollywood. Of course, a small transit fee will be involved. But it won't be $40.


Anonymous said...

Wow!!!!!!!!!!!! The Jonas Brothers were in Arlington last Saturday - June 20, 2009. Paula Abdul & Friends will not be in Arlington this Friday - June 26. Idol hopefuls will audition in front of idol producers. Those who go through to the next round might audition in front of the judges. I voted no to mass transportation and I voted no for the Cowboys Stadium. I knew Dallas would get all the glory and I didn't want to pay the extra taxes.

Durango said...

Thanks for all the fact corrections, Anonymous. Near as I can tell the only thing I was right about is that American Idol is holding auditions in the new stadium.