Saturday, June 7, 2014

Lamenting No Rockin' The Trinity River In Dallas While J.D.Granger Delivers For The River In Fort Worth

This past Thursday marked the return of the Trinity River Vision Boondoggle's, I mean, Panther Island Boondoggle's World Famous Rockin' the River Happy Hour Inner Tube Floats in Fort Worth's crystal clear Trinity River.

More on that later in this blogging, but first I must mention that this morning I learned via an article in the Dallas Observer titled 10 Dallas Places We'd Like to See Host Concerts that there are some people, well, at least one, that being the writer of this article, who wants to close the river floating gap between Fort Worth and Dallas.

On the list of 10 was #5, which you see screencapped above and copied below...

5. The Trinity River Basin
Fort Worth is way ahead of Dallas when it comes to making the banks of the Trinity a legitimate destination for concerts, drinking and various forms of revelry. Screw the city council, screw the naysayers. Let's take advantage of the dry summer conditions and get a stage up between Fuel City and the Oak Farms Dairy for some serious, urban park-style entertainment. If it rains and floods a bit, grab some inner tubes and let's float this sucker. Get your tetanus shots first, and then stop worrying. There's a fancy bridge for a nice backdrop and it doesn't always smell that bad. Let's close the Trinity-As-Entertainment gap that lies between us and the Panther City, Dallas!

The only part of the above which sounds to me like a good idea is the tetanus shot suggestion. Methinks White Rock Lake would be a much better location in Dallas for Rockin' the Lake Happy Hour Inner Tube Floats.

Which leads me to change the subject and ask, why is swimming not allowed in White Rock Lake? It always looks so inviting, to me, swimming-wise, certainly more so than the Trinity River.

Now, changing the subject back to Fort Worth's Rockin' of the Trinity River.

This morning someone named Anonymous made a couple comments regarding an aspect of Thursday's Trinity River Inner Tube Float....

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Walking With The Village Creek Indian Ghosts Through A Flurry Of Snow & Snake Concerns":

J.D. Granger sighting at Rockin' the River:

Photos #68 and #74 include Master Granger. 

That is the #74 photo of Master Granger to which Anonymous refers, below, with that being Master Granger on the left.

Another person named  Anonymous, or maybe the same one, made another comment regarding the above photo....

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Walking With The Village Creek Indian Ghosts Through A Flurry Of Snow & Snake Concerns":

#74...needs a bra.


Looking at the photo I can see why Anonymous has made the bra suggestion, but as a full-figured fellow myself, I take umbrage at someone making such a rude remark....

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