Thursday, June 5, 2014

A Walk Around The Industrial Wasteland I Call Home With My Chesapeake Neighbor More Noisy Than Usual

Today I decided was a good day to take a stroll around the Industrial Wasteland I call home.

As you can see clouds are covering the blue sky at my location today. With no prediction of those clouds dropping anything wet.

As I neared my favorite Chesapeake Energy neighbor today I heard that it was competing with the I-820 freeway for the honor of Most Noisy Neighbor.

As I got closer Chesapeake sounded to be winning the contest.

Is this the rattling, concussive noise which I've read about which has rattled so many who have found their homes located too close to a Barnett Shale Natural Gas Drilling Operation?

I have no idea.

What the Chesapeake gas pad was spewing today was noisy. But, I have heard much worse being much more annoyingly noisy.

Such as neighbors with multiple windchimes.

Below is video, with sound, I took today of my noisy neighbor. The video gets a bit jerky at the end because I momentarily did not remember how to stop the video from recording....

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