Monday, June 23, 2014

An Unexpected Unflooded Walk With The Village Creek Indian Ghosts & Blonde Water Joggers Before Mouse Hunting

Around noon I left my abode to go mouse hunting.

On my way to the Target of my mouse hunting expedition I decided to drive by the west entry to Arlington's Village Creek Natural Historical Area, expecting to see the entry blocked with the "Park Closed Due To Flooding" sign.

However, entry was not blocked, resulting in my having myself a mighty fine time walking with the Indian Ghosts who haunt their former home.

I was not the only one walking today, surprised to be able to walk to Village Creek. There were plenty of signs that plenty of water had fallen, as in constant drippage from the trees along with a lot of standing water.

However, when I got to the first dam bridge I was surprised to see Village Creek was a couple feet below flowing over the bridge.

The second Village Creek dam bridge was not as water free as the first, as you can see below.

Between the two dam bridges another creek, that being Rush Creek, joins Village Creek, adding to the water flow, thus topping over the second dam bridge.

See that wet spot in the cement at the bottom of the picture? That is a foot print. As the flooded dam bridge came into view I was surprised to see a young blonde jogger jogging across the flooding dam bridge.

The picture does not adequately document the volume of water rushing down Village Creek. The picture certainly does not document how loud the rushing water roars.

Methinks that young blonde jogger was a bit foolish to jog across the flooded dam bridge. The water is moving fast. One slip and one might find oneself on a swift water ride direct to the Trinity River, a short distance away.

Why is Rush Creek so named I wondered to myself today? Surely it is not named after Rush Limbaugh. I listened to that bloviated gasbag on my way to do my Target mouse hunting.

I really think the Obama administration should do some sort of executive order reviving John Adams' Alien & Sedition Act and use it to shut down seditious blowhards.

Then again, if I remember right, eventually the Alien & Sedition Act was ruled un-constitutional. Or was it the first act of Thomas Jefferson to abolish the act and set free those who Adams had imprisoned?

Anyway, blue sky seems to have returned, with no sign of the predicted afternoon Thunderstorms anywhere on the horizon.

For now.........

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