Friday, June 13, 2014

A Beautiful Blue Sky Texas Friday The 13th Fearing Full Honey Moon Lunacy

Looking west through the bars of my patio prison cell the view is a bit more blue than yesterday's multiple shades of gray.

Today is a special day, feared by Triskaphobes.

Do I have that word right? The word has been underlined in red, indicated a misspelling.

Well, whatever the correct word, the meaning of the word is those who have a fear of the number 13.

So, those Triskaphobes should be particularly afraid today due to today being a very rare Friday the 13th.

This Friday the 13th should be doubly fearful for those suffering from both Triskaphobia and Lunarphobia.

Well, I totally made up that word, Lunarphobia, so it is no surprise that it also got redlined.

Tonight, if my information sources are correct, a full moon will be making a rare Friday the 13th appearance.

In addition to the moon being a full moon it is also a Honey Moon.

I have no idea what is meant by the full moon being a Honey Moon. But, I read it on Facebook so you know it is reliable information. Apparently tonight is the first Honey Moon in something like one hundred years, thus rendering it very special.

So, those prone to lunacy should be out in full force.

Translated to Pacific Northwest terms, it would likely be a wise move to stay off the streets of Tacoma tonight, with Tacoma long known as the Pacific Northwest nexus of lunacy.

Translated to Texas terms, what with it being Friday the 13th and a full Honey Moon, it is likely a wise move to stay safely locked indoors tonight, no matter where you live in Texas......

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