Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Rolling Through Arlington's Findlay Linear Park Causing Me To Think About The Panther Island Boondoggle

This morning my refrigerator informed me I was in need of a re-stocking the milk supply.

ALDI is my milk supplier.

I'd not checked in with Arlington's resident Indian Ghosts for several days, so I decided to do so before going to ALDI to get a couple jugs of processed cow extract.

In the picture you are looking at my handlebars after they'd visited the Indian Ghosts inside the Village Creek Natural Historical Area.

The handlebars are parked on the curvy paved trail of the Bob Findlay Linear Park.

Bob Findlay was an award winning developer who had the vision to build what is known as Interlochen. In the middle/right of the picture you can barely see one of the Interlochen canals, with a fountain spouting water.

I do not know if at its inception Interlochen was originally called the Village Creek Vision. I do know that just like Fort Worth's Trinity River Vision Boondoggle, I mean, Panther Island Bonndoggle, the public was not allowed to vote on the Arlington project.

However, Fort Worth's Panther Island Boondoggle is a public works project  the public has never been allowed to vote on, while Arlington's Interlochen is a private development that the public had no business voting on.

I am also fairly certain that, unlike the Panther Island Boondoogle, eminent domain was not abused to take property to build Interlochen.  I believe the Interlochen area was pretty much an undeveloped gravel pit type zone before Bob Findlay had the vision to turn it into what Interlochen is today, that being an extremely attractive  residential zone, with many of the homes having a canal in their backyard.

I also suspect that unlike the Panther Island Boondoggle the Interlochen Vision had a very precise project timeline, was likely fully funded and did not employ the unqualified son of that era's Congressperson as the project's director....

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