Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A Cloudy Mountain Bike Ride In Wind Damaged Gateway Park Before Taking To Town Talk

As you can see, via my favorite Gateway Park mountain bike trail photo opportunity location, today I was rolling my wheels under a brooding gray sky.

I did not get the afternoon rain potential memo til this morning. I was still going by the earlier memo which had no rain chance in the current 7 day forecast.

And now the middle of the afternoon has arrived, with the appearance of zero drippage.

For reasons unknown to me I have been feeling a bit punky the past couple days.

Punky is the word I use to indicate feeling not so good,.

But, by this morning I had re-bounded and had myself a mighty fine time having an early morning swim under a bright quarter moon, clearly visible, before the arrival of the blue sky blotting clouds.

Gateway Park currently looks as if it may have been hit with a micro-burst wind event. Multiple big branches on the ground. However, nothing of a trail blockage sort impacted the mountain bike trail.

Since I was in the neighborhood, after I had exhausted myself on the Gateway Park roller coaster, I dropped in on Town Talk for some treasure hunting.

Dozens of all natural chicken legs was the best thing I found at Town Talk today. Along with broccoli and extra sharp white cheddar cheese, plus two bags of brown rice.

Due to visiting Town Talk today I suspect this coming Saturday will be the second Saturday in a row without a Town Talk visit. I don't remember the last time that happened.

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