Saturday, June 7, 2014

The HOT Tandy Hills Counteract To Too Much Singapore Slinging Prior To Town Talking

I stayed up too late last night due to a Polynesian themed party which featured party favors with names like Singapore Sling and Mai Tai, which turned out not to be the healthy type fruit smoothie type libation I prefer to consume.

This morning I was in a strange location when the sun woke me up. Eventually I made my way to my regular morning location, that being the swimming pool where I tried to swim off the Polynesian grogginess to limited success.

Breakfast of whole grain waffles smothered in butter and prickly pear syrup along with a big dollop of scrambled eggs seemed to have a salubrious effect.

By the time noon rolled around I rolled the wheels of my mechanized transport device to the summit of Mount Tandy to do some HOT hill hiking.

In the picture we are looking west across the old wagon train trail which leads to downtown Fort Worth, the stunning skyline of which you can see in the distance, barely sticking up above the horizon.

The temperate was a degree shy of 90 when I did my hill hiking. A good breeze blew, so I had myself some wind chilling.

The Tandy Hills Hoodoo was a pile of rock rubble today. Tragic.

Eventually I decided I had had enough of the Tandy Hills Sweat Lodge and drove to my next destination.

Town Talk.

Today my Town Talk  treasure hunting turned up broccoli, fried chicken, smoked turkey legs, carrots, tortillas, whole grain mini-bread loafs, red peppers, grapes and wasabi edamame.

The wasabi edamame should be the final cure for too much Polynesian fun.....

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Jess | Fallow Deer Hunting said...

There are really lots of amazing spots in Fort Worth and I plan to explore them someday soon. Looks like your treasure hunting escapade turned out to be a really good one...lots of treats and delish food.