Monday, June 23, 2014

So Much Rain Is Falling On Texas We Are Having Ourselves Areal Flood Advisory With Thunder

That "AREAL" part of an "AREAL FLOOD ADVISORY" always seems odd to me.



Anyway, at my location, that which causes the flood started flooding to earth soon after daybreak.

By the time I went for my regularly scheduled swim thunder was booming in the distance.

So, not wanting to be lightning bait, I cut short my swimming in the rain this third drippy day of Summer.

I read this morning that south of Glen Rose got flooded with over 8 inches of wet yesterday. That is a lot of rain.

My pool is about an inch from flowing over the top. If I remember right there has only been one time previous when sufficient rain fell that the pool overflowed.

There is at least one nice benefit from the chilly temperatures brought by the rain.

No air-conditioning needed.

All my windows that are not in the direct path of incoming rain are open. I do not remember opening windows in late June previously in Texas.

I  suspect the Village Creek Natural Historical Area is currently closed due to flooding. The Tandy Hills and Gateway Park will currently be muddy. My only close walking zones, should I want to risk lightning strikes under a bumbershoot, are walking around Fosdick Lake in Oakland Lake Park, Quanah Parker Park or Mallard Cove Park.

I think I shall forego any park walking and instead do some store walking. My computer mouse is in malfunction mode and in need of replacement.

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