Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Pondering Pleasant Air Pollution From Big Blooming Magnolia Tulips

Today, with it being Wednesday, this is my regularly scheduled day to walk up the hill to Albertsons to not find this week's Fort Worth Weekly, I did so in the noon time frame and found that once again FW Weekly had not yet arrived.

Like I said, I walk up a hill to get to Albertsons. Not a Tandy Hills level of hill, but an incline, nonetheless.

From the vantage point of the Albertsons hill I looked back to my abode, to the canopy of trees surrounding the swimming pool to see that the top of the pool's two magnolia trees blooming with multiple tulip-like white flowers.

When I am in the pool I can not see the tops of the magnolia trees, but those multiple tulip-like white flowers make their presence known by polluting the air with a pleasant fragrance.

When I returned to my abode zone I checked out the magnolia trees, up close, to see if I could see the blooms at the top of the trees. That effort was futile, but I did manage to get a  picture of one of the low-hanging magnolia blooms.

When I was a youngster there was a magnolia tree in our backyard. My mom always called it a tulip tree. Today that had me wondering if that was just my mom's nomenclature, or is tulip tree a common nickname for a magnolia tree?

One thing I know for sure is that a tulip tree tulip puts off a pleasant perfume, while tulips don't, not that I have ever smelled, and I have tiptoed through plenty of tulip fields, never noticing anything remotely fragrant.

I don't know if tulips grow in Texas. I don't think I've seen one here. So, it is unlikely locals would call a magnolia tree a tulip tree.

Enough with the serious magnolia issues. I am burned out from too much typing, which has made me hungry, which is good timing because the lunch gong just went off....

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