Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Spencer Jack Stones Skykomish River Before Finding Stevens Pass Snow While Staying Away From Fort Worth's Trinity River

According to photo documentation I received this morning Spencer Jack is currently taking his dad and favorite girl friend, Brittney, on a Washington Roadtrip known as the Cascade Loop.

One can Roadtrip the Cascade Loop clock-wise or counter clock-wise.

Spencer Jack has opted for the counter clock-wise option, meaning first over Stevens Pass, to overnight, last night, in Leavenworth, then on to Lake Chelan, then north up the Methow Valley, to Winthrop, before heading west over the North Cascades via Highway 20, which eventually takes everyone home to Mount Vernon.

That white stuff you see Spencer Jack standing on is some snow remaining at the Stevens Pass ski area.

Very few people in Western Washington have air-conditioning, mostly because days when you wished you had A/C are few and far between. Currently the people I hear from in Western Washington are lamenting having to run their furnaces to keep warm, with one person colorfully commenting on the rain volume by saying it was at "frog strangling levels."

On the way east, up the western slope of Stevens Pass, Spencer Jack had his dad stop at the little village of Skyomish where Spencer Jack had himself a mighty fine time throwing rocks into the Skyomish River under the Skyomish River Bridge.

Can you see how crystal clear the Skyomish River is? But, for more than one reason you probably don't want to have yourself a Fort Worth Trinity River style Rockin' the River Happy Hour Inner Tube Float in this river, even though it is pollution free.

One reason you might not enjoy floating in the Skykomish River would be due to the fact that the water would be very cold, likely only recently melted. Another reason it might not be a good idea to go inner tubing in the Skyomish River is due to the fact that the river gets a bit wild in places, challenging to even expert kayakers.

Regarding the not so crystal clear Trinity River in Fort Worth, a couple days ago, on the City of Fort Worth website I read the following regarding the Trinity River....

The Village Creek Water Reclamation Facility discharges treated effluent into the West Fork of the Trinity River, a sensitive stream that during dry months may be composed of up to 95 percent treated effluent.


During the dry summer months the Trinity River is almost entirely composed of water which has gone through a sewage treatment process?

Well, that sort of explains the lovely green hue...

Oh, one more thing I forgot to mention. Happy Birthday, this June 17, to Spencer Jack's dad, my favorite nephew, Jason.

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Steve A said...

With different chemicals, the Trinity would run purple. Good thing Mike Moncrief didn't know this. BTW, lots of people in Ocean Shores have AC (heat pumps). We even ran ours one day last summer just to make sure it works. Heat pumps either heat OR cool.