Sunday, June 8, 2014

Not Going To A Wet Fort Worth Gateway Park Fat Tire Festival On The 2nd Sunday Of June

I did not get the memo telling me that rain was on the menu for this 2nd Sunday of the 6th month of 2014.

Not getting the weather memo had me being a bit surprised this morning when I looked outside to see an angry sky full of what looked like thunderclouds.

A half hour later, after consuming my regular morning coffee fueling, the clouds had begun crying, not hysterically so, but steadily.

So, I had myself a mighty fine time swimming in the rain this morning.

In the picture you are standing in the rain on my patio, with my camera under its protective Popabrella aimed at the aforementioned swimming location, with the also aforementioned clouds overhead.

I hope today's rain does not wreak havoc with the Fat Tire Festival taking place at this very moment in Fort Worth's Gateway Park.

My plan for today was to roll my wheels on the Gateway Park mountain bike trails, rolling past the festival.

Enough rain has hit the ground, I think, to render the mountain bike trails possibly a bit muddy. So, no Gateway Park for me today.

Unless I change my mind.....

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