Saturday, June 7, 2014

Lamenting Not Having Oodles Of Uncle Fun With David, Theo & Ruby

In the picture you are looking at Theo and Ruby rolling their brother David's luggage through Sea-Tac airport.

David was returning from Arizona where he had been visiting relatives of the aunt, uncle, cousin and grandparental unit sort.

You can go to the Blue & Max Adventure Poodle blog and see oodles of pictures of David having fun in Arizona doing things like swimming with his cousin CJ, playing pool with his grandpa, playing ninja turtles with his grandma, bowling with his uncle and cousins and cheeseburgering at McDonald's.

I have never met David, or his brother and sister, Theo and Ruby.

For a variety of reasons, with the primary one being the fact that David, Theo and Ruby live over two thousand miles from my location, it is highly unlikely the trio will ever know me as their uncle.

From what I've seen, via photos, and reports I've had from first hand observers, David, Theo and Ruby are oodles of fun.

Why have I taken to so frequently use that "oodles" word of late? I have no idea.

I think it is about time to take off for the Tandy Hills to have myself oodles of fun doing some fast HOT hill hiking. And then maybe go to Town Talk.

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