Friday, June 6, 2014

Walking With The Village Creek Indian Ghosts Through A Flurry Of Snow & Snake Concerns

June Snow in Arlington
I don't know how the Legion of Climate Change Deniers could possibly explain the dusting of snow which dusted the trail today in Arlington's Village Creek Natural Historical Area.

A dusting of snow when the temperature is nearing the 90 degree zone? If that is not serious Climate Change, I don't know what is.

Walking with the Village Creek Indian Ghosts seems to be an activity growing in popularity, no matter time of the day or day of the week, you find a lot of people on a natural historical quest in this area.

Today when a pair of young ladies saw me and my snake whacking stick they asked if I'd seen any snakes. I indicated I had not on this particular day. I asked if they'd seen any. They had. What they thought to be a corn snake. I asked if they'd like my bamboo snake whacking stick,  for security. They indicated that that  would make them feel more secure. And so I armed them.

I think the open carry law in Arlington applies to snake whacking sticks. I hope I've not been a scofflaw, illegally arming young ladies with a snake whacking stick.

It has been years since I've seen a snake near Village Creek of the venomous Copperhead sort. I used to see big snakes at this location frequently, including big snake conventions in the Village Creek Blue Bayou.

I recollect, years ago, biking on to the old wooden, long gone, Blue Bayou Overlook, seeing two guys intensely looking at something. I asked what had their attention so intensely. They pointed to a big group of water snakes which they thought to be water moccasins.

Where have all the Village Creek snakes gone, I can not help but wonder? Another climate change casualty?


Anonymous said...

J.D. Granger sighting at Rockin' the River:

Photos #68 and #74 include Master Granger.

Jess | Aoudad Sheep Hunting said...

Global warming is absolutely a serious issue and we can do our part to prevent its devastating effects and delay earth's aging. I love nature andi hope more people will show enough concern to protect it.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of snakes!!!

Anonymous said...

#74...needs a bra.