Saturday, June 14, 2014

With The Indian Ghosts At The Village Creek Green Bayou Thinking About The Sand Creek Massacre & Stupid Smart Cars

To the left you are looking at the formerly blue Blue Bayou of Village Creek, which has now become the Green Bayou of Village Creek.

How is the Green Bayou managing to be so green, what with the ongoing Great North Texas Drought, I pondered as I gazed out from the Green Bayou Overlook.

I did not think mountain biking was likely doable at Gateway Park today, due to rain a few days ago. I thought the same thing might have muddied the Tandy Hills.

So, since I was not in the neighborhood, I opted out of my semi-regular Saturday Town Talk treasure hunt.

This morning I was reading the chapter of Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee that covers the Sand Creek Massacre, that being the mass murder of Black Kettle's band of Cheyenne, along with some of their Arapaho friends, with the murderers led  by the notorious mass murderer, the Methodist preacher named John Chivington, who was never held accountable for his crimes, thus never executed, like many thought was the just thing to do.

So, with the Sand Creek Massacre fresh in my memory, my walk with the Indian Ghosts who haunt the Village Creek Natural Historical Area was naturally a bit more poignant than the norm today.

Even though today is Flag Day, I only saw two flags flying today whilst I was out and about.

After I finished my Indian Ghost Walk I dropped in on ALDI for a couple needed provisions. Leaving ALDI I was perplexed by the heavy oncoming traffic on Ederville Road. I looked over at  I-30 and saw traffic moving, so thought a jammed freeway was not the explanation.

But then at the next point on Ederville Road when I can see the freeway I saw the eastbound lanes were totally frozen, indicating to me that at some point west of the Cook's Lane exit there must have been a very bad accident.

In Texas when a freeway comes to a standstill, due to there usually being frontage roads, many drivers escape the freeway by free wheeling it over the grass buffer between the freeway and frontage road. This can lead to some difficulties for some vehicles not equipped for such adventurous cross country driving.

As in today I saw a SMART car stuck in no-man's land, trying to escape the traffic jam. The SMART car sort of looked swallowed up by a deep dip in the no-man's land.

SMART cars look fun, but you'd have to be sort of dumb to take a SMART car off-road....

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