Friday, June 6, 2014

Wondering If I Want To Partake In The Latest Portland Trend With A Big Hole In My Chin

I think this is NUTS.

I saw this on Facebook this morning via Tacoma's Connie D, instructing me to share it if I thought it was NUTS.

And since I do, so I have.

Among the comments regarding this Portland fashion trend was this...

"I honestly don't see the big deal, personal freedom, I don't want people judging me so I don't judge them."

Oh yes, that is some deep thinking in the sentence above. Getting a big hole opened under ones mouth is just one more expression of ones personal freedom.

I am sure this is the type freedom the Founding Fathers were thinking of when they fought the Revolutionary War.

I remember when I was last in Seattle, August of 2008, at the Fremont Sunday Market, seeing guys with their lower ear lobes stretched to make a big gaping hole. It looked so weird. I instantly used my personal freedom to judge to judge the giant ear lobers as clueless morons with bad judgment, bad taste and embarrassing ears.

I usually filter these type things through the reality that if one was born with this as a birth defect, either the giant ear lobe holes or the big holes under ones lower lip, as soon as one could one would seek help to restore ones chin or ears to what the vast majority of humanity considers a good look for a human.....

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CatsPaw said...

And the next thing out of their mouth is, "Hey, what are you staring at?"

With that window, they'd better be sure to floss.