Saturday, June 28, 2014

A BBQ Infused Walk Around Fort Worth's Fosdick Lake Before Getting Cheese From Switzerland At Town Talk

That would be my favorite picnic table in Oakland Lake Park you are looking at in the picture.

A ditch runs under the picnic table on its way to Fosdick Lake. I have never seen water running in this ditch, likely due to the fact that I have never sat at this picnic table whilst rain is in falling mode.

A large group, part of which you can see at the top of the picture, had the Oakland Lake Park Pavilion packed with people today, along with a couple BBQers in full smoke mode.

Whatever meat product those people were smoking it sure smelled mighty fine. I hung out around the BBQers for a bit, then when no invite seemed to be forthcoming I continued with the rest of my walk around Fosdick Lake before continuing on to Town Talk for the first time on a Saturday in awhile.

I got myself some good stuff at Town Talk today, including Swiss cheese from a country called Switzerland, sharp cheese from a continent called Australia, a big bag of sweet red, yellow and orange mini-peppers, a big bag of unsalted peanuts, harbanero chicken sausage, a bag of chipolte huumuus chips, plus tomatoes, spuds and onions.

Apparently the era of finding a big variety of various cases of yogurt is over at Town Talk, at least for now. It has now been a couple months, I think, since I got myself a case of yogurt.

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