Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Rolling My Wheels With The Fishes & Turtles In Fort Worth's Gateway Park

I was back rolling my wheels in Fort Worth today, doing the rolling on the Gateway Park mountain bike trails.

At my favorite Gateway Park photo op location today I almost managed to take a picture which sort of indicates my handlebars are perched near the edge of a cliff.

Looking over the edge of that cliff to the murky green Trinity River below I saw oodles of turtles.

The turtle oodles were not doing the usual turtle thing of sunbathing on a log. Instead the oodles of turtles were swimming in the river.

As I watched the turtles I saw a ghostly white shape that looked like a big fish. But the ghostly white shape did not move.

Then I saw another of the same type ghostly white shape. Also not moving.

Eventually I saw five of the same ghostly white fish shape, all not moving.

And then, suddenly, the first  ghostly white shape moved. Followed by the other ghostly white shapes moving.

What brand of fish is ghostly white I wondered?

I tried to get a good picture of the ghostly white fish, with the above being the best I could come up with. I zoomed in on two of the fleet of five big ghostly white fish. You can barely see the fish at the lower left part of the picture. With the fish at the upper right being slightly more  visible.

What type Trinity River fish is white? Could these fish I saw today have floated through a bleach spill?

Isn't it about time for the Rockin'  the River Happy Hour Inner Tube Floaters to start partying with the Trinity River fish?

I have not been in a Texas river or lake since I saw my first garfish. With that sighting being in Arlington's Village Creek, followed a week later by two girls telling me one of their boyfriends had stepped on a garfish, a few feet from where we were standing on a dock in Lake Grapevine.


CatsPaw said...

Likely a variety of carp.

When can we expect you to take up catch and release?

Durango said...

CatsPaw, I really do not see any carp catching and releasing in my future. I'm not much of an angler, except for jigging for cod, which I have enjoyed, previously. Fresh cod is tasty....

Anonymous said...

Freshwater drum, in addition to carp.