Saturday, August 15, 2015

Trying To Roll My Wheels In Gateway Park With Dead Fish Before Town Talk

It has been well over a month since I've rolled my mechanized wheels to Gateway Park to roll my non-mechanized wheels on Gateway Park's trails.

The last time I did so I saw work had begun on new trail bridges and the removal of the long time boarded up boardwalk eyesores which looked out over the Trinity River.

Well,  as you can see here, at least one of the boarded up boardwalks has now been almost completely removed.

I was unable to make it to the other boarded up boardwalk, that being the one at the east end of the park.

Why was I unable to make it to the other boarded up boardwalk, you ask? Good question.

Well, the Gateway Park paved trails have been rendered unusable due to the ongoing supposed trail "improvements". Such as that which you see below.

I was looking at the messed up trail near the now gone boardwalk when a fellow biker stopped, saw the messed up trail, looked at me and said "that sucks" before continuing on, over the mess. I followed him. After about a minute I saw him heading back towards me. As he passed he said it is totally blocked ahead. Soon I came upon the blockage, which you see above, where a bridge is being replaced.

Before I continue on with the trail tale I need to show you what I found floating in the Trinity River when I zipped across the Beach Street crossing.

A BIG fish, dead in the water. Is the Trinity River killing fish like the rivers in my old home zone of Washington is, up north, due low water levels and consequent high water temperatures, too high for fish used to cold water. I have no clue what brand of fish it is we are looking at above. But I am fairly certain it is not a salmon, sturgeon, trout, cod, halibut or blowfish.

So, leaving the dead fish behind I eventually made my way to the entry to the Gateway Park mountain bike trail. Closed. I continued on past the closed sign, not on the mountain bike trail, but on the paved trail.

The paved trail has a huge amount of what looks like beauty bark spread over and beside it. Why? I could not figure it out. Again I came upon trail bridges removed, with the replacements  underway. I was able to get past these instances, unlike the first encounter. Soon I came upon a section where the mountain bike trail has been obliterated, along with some paved trail removed.

What is going on here? Why isn't this trail improvement project being engineered in a way which keeps the trails open while the improvements take place? How long are the Gateway Park trails going to be unusable? Who is behind this seemingly ineptly run project?

One would think America's Biggest Boondoggle  might be ramrodding these Gateway Park improvements, due to the inept way the project seems to be being mishandled.

Anyway, after a frustrating bike ride in Gateway Park I was off to an increasingly rare visit to Town Talk, where I had not visited in well over a month.

The Town Talk treasure hunting did not yield anything too wonderful today. A lot of corn tortillas, carrots, kielbasa and a couple other things I am not remembering right now.

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