Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Fool's Day Bluebonnets & Hoodoos Sprouting On The Tandy Hills While I Wait For An Amazon Adapter

I mentioned previously that I'd spotted bluebonnets blooming on Sunday on the Tandy Hills, but that I got distracted by the Hoodoo proliferation and forgot to take a picture of the first bluebonnets of the year that have appeared before me.

Today I was back on the Tandy Hills, and even though I was once again distracted by Hoodoo proliferation, today I did not forget to take a bluebonnet picture.

Isn't that shade of bluebonnet blue a wonder to behold?

What with today being the first day of April, also known as April Fool's Day, Mother Nature appears to have decided April 1 is a good day to start coloring up the Tandy Hills, in anticipation of the 2014 Prairie Fest the last Saturday of the month, as in April 26.

In other words I saw other wildflowers blooming today, in addition to the bluebonnets.

I came upon three new Hoodoos today, including the one you see below.

The Hoodoo above has sprouted on the trail which leads from Tandy Falls to Hoodoo Central at the end of the trail which leads to the Tandy Hills from View Street.

How many new Hoodoos will have sprouted by the time the Prairie Fest arrives? I'm thinking a  Hoodoo Building Contest might be a good idea. Some sort of grand prize for whoever manages to erect the tallest Hoodoo by some certain time.

Then again, a Hoodoo Building Contest might not be such a good idea, causing a lot of rock re-locations might upset the delicate Tandy Hills geological balance.

This morning I had the longest swim so far in 2014. It felt quite salubrious. Combined with an hour of fast hill hiking I think I may be getting my daily exercise requirement met. That and about a month ago I learned of this thing called doing a Plank. A month later and you could use my abdominal zone as a primitive washboard.

On Saturday I bought an a/c adapter from Amazon, paid extra  for expedited shipping. I got an email on Monday telling me the adapter had been shipped. Today I logged in to track the shipment to learn the adapter is being delivered by the USPS. And is expected to be delivered by Friday, by 8pm.

That is expedited shipping?

On Friday I got a Christmas card, delivered to my mail box by the USPS, postmarked December 19, 2013.

I am not optimistic about this incoming adapter from Amazon...

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Anonymous said...

For pete's sake Durango, are you going senile? How many springs have you walked Tandy now?
No bluebonnets--they don't belong on that type prairie.
Scurf pea.