Saturday, April 5, 2014

Hiking The Tandy Hills Had Me Wondering Why ESPN Is Covering Arlington's Final Four Basketball Games From Fort Worth

On the left you are on the Tandy Hills, looking west, across a sea of green, to where the west begins, looking at the stunning skyline of what has been scientifically determined to be the best downtown in the United States of America, the downtown of Fort Worth, Texas.

This weekend, a town a few miles to the east, Arlington, Final Four basketball games are being played in the Dallas Cowboy Basketball Stadium, also known as AT & T Stadium.

While the basketball games are being played in the football stadium which the voters of Arlington voted to abuse eminent domain and tax themselves to build, ESPN is doing its Final Four basketball coverage from Fort Worth's Sundance Square Plaza, in what used to be a parking lot, before Fort Worth decided a plaza really should be added to Sundance Square and thus end, for all time, the mystery of the missing square which confused Fort Worth's few tourists when they saw directional signs pointing the way to the non-existent Sundance Square.

Why is ESPN broadcasting from Sundance Square Plaza rather than the plaza which is in beautiful downtown Arlington? If I remember right the Arlington venue is called Founder's Plaza. That plaza is very well designed, with a covered stage, water features and is bigger than Fort Worth's downtown plaza. Plus the Arlington plaza is walking distance to where the basketball games are being played, that is, if one enjoys a slightly long walk.

I would think the good citizens of Arlington, who voted to help pay for the giant silver spaceship, would feel a bit cranky that ESPN has not located its broadcast operation in their town, rather than Fort Worth.

Maybe no one thought to show ESPN Arlington's downtown plaza.

Changing the subject back to something that makes sense.

As you can see, the latest iteration of the Tandy Hills Hoodoo appears to be the most precarious balancing rock piece of artwork yet.

Hiking the Tandy Hills today was a bit chilly. I sped up my already fast hill hiking to help facilitate getting warm.

I came upon a scene I'd not seen before on the Tandy Hills.

West of the Tandy Hills Outdoor Auditorium benches, near where a trail leads to the hills from View Street, I came upon a pair of what looked to be parental units with a brood of a lot of kids. The kids looked to be of a similar size, so I suspect this was not a family unit, so brood is likely the wrong word to use.

The group was sitting off the trail, on the ground, having a picnic. I howdied the group as I walked by, then as I descended the trail to the west it occurred to me that they might not be aware of the bench seats available a short distance to the east.

I am very wary when I get grounded on the Tandy Hills, like when I get down on the ground to take a Hoodoo picture. I check for fire ants and other insect vermin before I ground myself. My worst fire ant episode ever happened on the Tandy Hills whilst taking a photo of a wildflower.

Since it is Saturday, after a bout of hill hiking, I was off to Town Talk for some treasure hunting. Found nothing noteworthy today. Unless one counts two pounds of Welch's strawberries as noteworthy. 50 cents a pound. That sounds cheap to me. And they actually sort of taste like strawberries. Also got a small block of Romano cheese. I guess that is slightly noteworthy. The rest of what I got was rabbit food. And yogurt.

A couple days ago, or maybe it was yesterday, Mr. and  Mrs. Galtex went Town Talk treasure hunting. On Facebook Mr. Galtex had this to say about that....

We went on our weekly treasure hunt at Town Talk Foods and found Uncle Oinker's Gummy Bacon. (Farm Fresh Flavor!) I'll wait until Durango tries it before we buy some.


I looked all over for Uncle Oinker's Gummy Bacon to no avail.  I asked a couple of the Town Talkers if they still had Uncle Oinker's Gummy Bacon, also to no avail.

I've learned with Town Talk that some good stuff will only be available for a very short duration. The Galtex's should have taken a Gummy Bacon risk, while they had the chance.

Speaking of Mr. and Mrs. Galtex, and who isn't? That pair of jet setters is currently in Boston because Mr. Galtex likes to fill himself up with cream pie and lobster rolls and because Boston's Wilbur Theatre  is where Mr. Galtex can laugh at his favorite funny man, some guy I've never heard of named Brad Morris.

I have never been to Boston, so I don't know what cream  pie is. I do know what a lobster is, but I don't know what a lobster roll is.

My ignorance about so many things used to vex me, til Google came along...

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Anonymous said...

Sorry you missed the Uncle Oinker's, Durango. On Thursday it was in that little section off to the right as you enter Town Talk, on a shelf across from the bins of loose candy.

And seriously, you've never had Boston Cream Pie? I always thought it was available coast-to-coast, and I fell in love with it decades before I ever made it to Boston.

"And who isn't?" Good one.

Mr. Galtex, away in Bahstin