Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Running Into A Gateway Park Brush Pile Mountain Bike Trail Block Today

For weeks now Fort Worth city park people have been in Gateway Park emulating the Fort Worth park due south of Gateway Park, on the opposite side of the I-30 freeway, with that park being the Tandy Hills Natural Area.

By emulating I am referring to brush bashing. The Tandy Hills has an annual one day brush bashing event.

Like I already said, Gateway Park's brush bashing has gone on for weeks, with none of the brush that has been bashed leaving the park.

Instead the Gateway Park bashed brush has been left in a wall of brush piles, which as you can see, above, blocking my handlebars from rolling my wheels on this section of the Gateway Park mountain bike trail.

I am almost 100% certain that eventually the wall of Gateway Park bashed brush will be removed. Or struck by lightning making a big bonfire.

Other than the obstructing piles of brush I had myself a mighty fine time biking in Gateway Park today.

By the time I had had enough wheel rolling tiny pricks of invisible moisture were hitting me. Eventually, by the time I was back driving my motorized transport, the tiny pricks had turned to actual raindrops requiring activating the windshield wiping device.

This morning marked the first time this year I was able to have a long swim in the no longer too cool pool without having to resort to warming up in the hot tub, which means I had myself a cool hydrotherapy session this morning.

The USPS has yet to deliver the a/c adapter I ordered on Saturday. The tracking info from the Amazon website tells me the package left the seller on Monday, arrived at various locations of the carrier, making it to Dallas last night at 9:23, then arriving at the Fort Worth carrier location at 6:38 this morning, with "Out for Delivery" beginning at 9:26 this morning.

The package has been "Out for Delivery" for over four hours now. I expect it will arrive any minute now....

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