Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Google Has David Hasselhoff Visiting Spencer Jack In Arizona

A few months ago Google added an odd feature to Google accounts.

The Google+ Auto Awesome feature.

An awesome feature which makes no sense and which I don't know how to get rid of.

Previous to today all the Google+ Auto Awesome photos have occurred when I have blogged a photo of an icy snowy scene, usually from one of the ubiquitous ice storms which plagued this part of the planet last winter.

Google+ Auto Awesome would take my perfectly innocent winter scene photo and add falling snow flakes to it.

Really not all that awesome.

When Google does this awesome thing I see the notification "bell" in the upper right of the home screen of the Google Account has turned red, thus indicating I am being notified about something. That is how I learn that an Auto Awesome photo has been added.

Added to what? I really don't know.

This morning's Auto Awesome photo from Google made absolutely no sense, and was not even remotely awesome, adding David Hasselhoff to a photo of Spencer Jack which I had blogged yesterday.

Now, had Google added falling snow flakes to the scene of Spencer Jack in Arizona, well, that might have sort of been slightly awesome.

But, David Hasselhoff?

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