Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Rolling My New Tires To Fort Worth's Mallard Cove Park

Today I rolled my mechanized wheels to the park closest to my abode, that being Mallard Cove Park, to roll my non-mechanized wheels on this beautiful spring day in Texas.

Yesterday and today's main theme has been tire woes.

A few days after I last rolled my bike wheels in Gateway Park I saw that the front tire had lost some air. This was the tire that still had an auto-seal inner tube in it.

About a year ago, at the same park was at today, I rolled that same front tire over a mesquite thorn, saw the puncture happen, quickly pulled out the thorn, and then, not trusting the auto-seal thing, figured the tire would quickly go flat. But, it stayed inflated.

So, yesterday I pulled my bike from its resting place and found the tiny thorn that had punctured the front flat tire. Then pumped the tire back to full. And then pedaled the tire for a few minutes. Today that tire remained inflated, so I'm thinking the self sealing thing is continuing to work on that tire.

Now my other tire woe.

Yesterday when I went to drive to the Village Creek Natural Historical Area, as I opened the door I looked down to see the driver's side front tire looking dire. I was in no mood for a repeat of the flat tire trauma that transpired back in the winter of 2008. Six years later and it was time to replace the front tires again.

This morning I took the bad wheels and the vehicle they roll under to Discount Tires and got new rollers. Discount Tires is walking distance from my abode. So is Firestone. I don't like Firestone. Discount Tires has always been a good experience.

So, I am back at 100% in the tire department  on all counts.

Now, back to Mallard Cove Park. Today I startled a flock of ducks. I do not know if they were Mallards.

See that bench, above, that my handlebars are pointing at? There are seven of these benches along the paved trail in Mallard Cove Park, including three in the "traffic" circle that roundsabout at the location you are looking at in the picture.

These benches boldly spell out "FORT WORTH" on the bench back. Along with the symbol of Fort Worth, that being Longhorn horns.

I have never seen  anyone sitting on one of these benches. How much do they cost, I can not help but wonder?

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Dub Kennedy said...

I have never seen anyone sitting on one of these benches. How much do they cost, I can not help but wonder?

I'm guessing that Chesapeake or some other energy company picked up the tab for this park.

I have little doubt that natural gas pipelines run underneath this so-called park. I say so-called because a parcel of land with nothing more than concrete trails doesn't make a park in my opinion.

Another so-called park similar to Mallard Cove park was built near the Rockwood golf course in northwest Fort Worth and was paid for by natural gas producers. I know for certain that at least one gas pipeline runs under that park.