Monday, April 14, 2014

I Am Really Looking Forward To The Trinity River Vision Boondoggle's Sunday Funday With Award Winning Beer

Yesterday I blogged about the latest Trinity River Vision Boondoggle Update mailing in a blogging titled The Trinity River Vision Spring 2014 Update's Perplexing Propaganda.

I went a bit long-winded in that blogging, which caused me to not mention a thing or two. And then today I realized I'd not paid any attention to a separate part of the four page mailer, that being an insert which is the Panther Island Pavilion 2014 Events Calendar.

First, from the TRVB Update, yesterday I did not mention the news that the Trinity River Vision is going to be (according to the blurb's headline) "Bringing Culture to Cowtown", by bringing opera to the Coyote Drive-In. Apparently the Fort Worth Opera is working with the Coyote Drive-In to "bring opera right to drive-in patrons' car speakers".

It really is this type thing which has made Fort Worth the Best City in America.

And in more Trinity River Vision Update news we also learned The Yoga Project-Riverside Studio opened in January.

Over a decade ago, back when the Trinity River Vision was first seen, who could have predicted way back then what we'd be seeing from the Trinity River Vision in 2014?

Yoga, opera, a brewery, a wakeboard lake, an island, a pavilion, a music venue, a drive-in movie theater and inner tubing happy hour parties in the Trinity River.

This really is all quite breathtaking.

Yet somehow perplexing at the same time.

Wasn't flood control part of what was originally touted as being core to this particular vision? You know, a much needed plan to prevent damaging floods where no damaging flood had occurred for well over half a century, because after the last bad flood massive levees were built which have done their job ever since.

On the flip side of the 2014 Events Calendar, which is what you see a scanned image of above, we learn that Rockin' the River is returning for its fourth year. With this year adding a fireworks show at the end of every Rockin' the River Happy Hour Inner Tube Float.

And for the Fourth of July Fort Worth's Fourth of July Festival is back once more at Panther Island Pavilion, with more fireworks, and with any luck this year the Trinity River levees won't catch fire.

We also learn that the Trinity River Vision Boondoggle is "excited to announce a NEW weekly Sunday Funday summer series at Panther Island Pavilion" featuring "tubing, food trucks, music, kayaks, canoes, pedal boats and stand up paddle boards".

Since Sunday Funday runs from 1 - 6 pm, what with it being Sunday, and what with Fort Worth being part of the Buckle of the Bible Belt, shouldn't some sort of non-denominational church service be part of the Boondoggle's Sunday Funday?

In addition to Sunday Funday we also learn "Award winning Panther Island Brewing will be serving several of their beers on the site." On Sunday.

This brewery is barely open. How did it already win an award?

In other event news we learn "Waterboard pro, Shane Bonifay is coming to Cowtown Wakepark to hold a clinic! It's an experience that you can't pass up."

Oh, I really think it won't take much effort on my part to pass on this experience.

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Baptist Babe said...

I would go to this Sunday service because it sounds very inspirational, with plenty of "spirits" flowing and people under the influence of said spirits fooling around the TRINITY. I especially like how Pastor Granger has replaced handling deadly snakes as a sign of faith with tubing, touching, and possibly ingesting the toxic water in the river. Tell Brother Granger "Amen and pass that bottle"--of Panther brew, not penicillin shot.