Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Cowboy Spencer Jack Got Me Remembering Losing Control Of Caution

No, that is not Cowboy Spencer Jack riding his horse in the Fort Worth Stockyards that you are looking at on the left.

I do not know where Spencer Jack is riding his horse in the picture.

Spencer Jack's dad, my favorite nephew Jason, sent this picture to my phone last night. It took me til today to figure out how to get the picture off my phone and onto my computer.

It turns out this was rather easy.

Which should not surprise me, what with learning yesterday, via Nurse Martha, that I have a Superior Intellect.

A Superior Neurotic Intellect.

Being neurotic is a useful trait when it comes to figuring out something.

Back to the subject of the Cowboy Spencer Jack.

It seems to me that Spencer Jack is a bit young to be being such a good cowboy.

I recollect being a couple years older than Spencer Jack when I had an unfortunate incident with a Shetland Pony that had me swearing off getting on any sort of horse for decades to come.

Not til I moved to Texas did I get back on a horse.

And that did not end well.

July 4, 2000.

I was talked into getting on a horse named Caution. The name should have clued me. Basically I lost control of Caution who was determined to re-enter, by any means, the barn from which he came, to retrieve a carrot, which I later became convinced had been placed where it was placed by Caution's owner, an angry woman whose plots to get rid of me became ever more blatant.

Well, I survived that particular carrot plot, but I have never been on another horse, not since Caution, and his evil owner, tried to kill me, or maybe just scare me off of horse riding.....

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