Monday, April 14, 2014

Today At Fosdick Lake In Oakland Lake Park Whole Wheat Tortillas Were Blowing In The Wind

 In the picture we are standing on the west side of Fosdick Lake in Oakland Lake Park in Fort Worth, Texas.

Since we are on the west side of the lake you can likely intuit that we are looking east, at the Fosdick Fountain and a duck in mid-air.

You may also intuit by looking at the fountain, and the direction the water is blowing, that a strong wind is blowing from the north.

If that is what you intuited you intuited correctly.

A strong, very strong, cold, very cold, wind.

At some point in time during the middle of the night the National Weather Service issued a Freeze Warning for North Texas. I installed the AccuWeather app on my new phone, which, until I figure out how to make it stop, I guess I'll be getting weather warnings in the middle of the night. Yesterday, during the day, I was getting multiple Tornado Watch Warnings.

A freeze in the middle of April? I don't think this has happened during any of my previous Aprils in Texas. Will a freeze wreak havoc with the wildflowers and all the freshly born green foliage?

Today I remembered to bring the Fosducks and their Geese Overlords whole wheat tortillas.

It took a few practice tosses to figure out how to deliver the tortillas. I had to get upwind from the birds then throw the tortilla feed into the wind which then delivered the bird feed back to the birds.

The geese seem to be bully birds to the ducks. Eventually everyone who wanted a tortilla got a piece of one, I think.

Changing the subject from feeding ducks to something else.

I managed to have a good swim this morning. The air was chilled at that time to 47 degrees, which was one degree warmer than it is now, post-noon. The water in the pool felt to be a lot warmer than the air.

I suspect I may be bailing on swimming tomorrow and opt out for a hot tub hydrotherapy session instead, if it really is freezing in the morning.

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