Monday, April 7, 2014

A Dry Walk With The Oakland Lake Park Fosdick Lake Fosducks

To the left you are looking south at the long and winding trail that winds around Fosdick Lake in Oakland Lake Park in Fort Worth, Texas.

This morning when I went for my regularly scheduled dip in the no longer too cool pool the sky was totally blue, totally void of any clouds, despite the forecast today for thunderstorms and rain.

Then a short time later the clouds arrived, covering the blue in a matter of minutes, or so it seemed.

By the time I rolled my motorized wheels to Oakland Lake Park the sky appeared to have extreme dripping potential, but no drippage dripped on me whilst I was walking.

I'd intended to bring the flock of Fosducks a treat in the form of whole wheat tortillas today. But I forgot.

I suspect the Fosducks are well fed. A couple other people did not forget to bring treats for the Fosducks and had the flock in happy quacking mode.

Speaking of being in a happy quacking mode.

Last night I went to visit Miss Puerto Rico and got a Spanish speaking lesson. I get my Miss Puerto Rico Spanish speaking lessons when she forgets to speak English to me. Sometimes the bout of Spanish can last a half hour or longer before she realizes she is speaking Spanish. As I listen I can understand a surprising amount of what is being said.

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