Monday, April 21, 2014

The Thunderclouds Have Gone Away So Connie D Can Come Over For A Swim

This afternoon both my computer based and phone based weather monitoring devices were repeatedly advising me that I was being threatened by a Severe Thunderstorm.

But, when I looked out any of my viewing portals on the outer world all I saw was blue sky.

Around five I decided to exit my abode and walk up to Albertsons. At the point when I finally had a clear view east I saw the HUGE thundercloud you see here, looking towards Dallas across the Albertsons parking lot.

I could hear distant rumbling, but saw no lightning bolts.

That big, expanding mushroom cloud scene was repeated in several locations as I panned the horizon, as best I could, from my still partly obstructed view.

Yesterday's potential inclement weather, with its lightning potential, caused me to feel the need to rescind a swimming invite I'd made earlier in the afternoon to Connie D.

This morning Connie D. text messaged me and I got the idea she was wanting another swimming invite. And so I texted Connie D. back, telling her that she could come by for a swim today if she wanted to.

Connie D.'s text message reply really did not make a lot of sense to me, texting "Ha ha ha. You crack me up."

What is that supposed to mean?

I just realized I need to clarify that this is not the Fort Worth Connie D. wanting to go swimming with me, it is the Tacoma Connie D. we are talking about.

That is the Tacoma Connie D. you are looking at on the left. The way I tell the two Connie D.'s apart is the Tacoma Connie D. is a blonde, whilst the Fort Worth Connie D. is not a blonde.

Both my weather monitoring devices have now dropped the thunderstorming warnings, now reporting that it is sunny in Fort Worth.

It has been sunny in Fort Worth all day for me today. Except when I was in Arlington...


Prairiepaintbrush said...

My TV keeps screaming/screeching at me that there might be severe weather in Ellis County. Just so you know, since you seem to be under-notified at the moment.

Durango said...

Prairiepaintbrush, if that is your real name, does this mean that the TV Weather Drama Queens are going to ruin Dancing with the Stars for me tonight? I have back up viewing material recorded if that is the case....

Anonymous said...

You crack me up..hahah