Monday, April 28, 2014

I Had No Panther Encounter Today Whilst Walking With Arlington's Village Creek Indian Ghosts & The Mumu Lady

A few minutes before I left my abode this morning I got some news that had me in need to ponder mode.

Walking with the Indian ghosts who haunt Arlington's Village Creek Natural Historical Area has been a good pondering zone for me for years.

Today was no different. I had myself some real good pondering, with only two interruptions to the pondering, one being a lady with a pit bull named Patsy, who she was having trouble keeping under control.

The other interruption was of short duration, that being an encounter with nice oldster I refer to as the Mumu Lady.

I have no idea if Mumu is the correct spelling of that type clothing attire that looks sort of like wearing a big blanket. Maybe the correct spelling is Moomoo.

The Mumu Lady was in her Mumu the first few times I saw her. Then the Mumu was replaced with a stylish jogging type suit. The Mumu Lady does this odd waving of her arms in front of her as she walks fast. Her face is extremely sun-tanned, of the sort I see when I visit a Sunbelt retirement zone, like where my mom and dad live.

The first time I met the Mumu Lady she asked me if she could give me her testimony. I politely indicated no interest. Then she started telling me about her encounter with a panther at the very spot we were standing and that during that encounter she turned to Jesus for help, with Jesus quickly sending the panther on its way, without stopping to eat the Mumu Lady. So, the Mumu Lady sort of got her testimony in via a sideways move.

The Mumu Lady's panther encounter was one of many that occurred around that time, encounters which were reported in the news, including the Mumu Lady's encounter.

Over the years, including today, when I howdy the Mumu Lady, and stop a second to exchange pleasantries, she never remembers my previous answer to her can I give you my testimony question.

Today after I politely declined the testimony offer the Mumu Lady continued on to the Village Creek Blue Bayou Overlook where I saw her kneel down and go into praying mode, a photo of this is what you see above.

It is time for lunch, after which I will likely be blogging about that which I was pondering whilst I walked with the Indian ghosts and the Mumu Lady....

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