Friday, April 4, 2014

Texting My Mom Because I Got Gas While Elsie Hotpepper Said Little To Me While Ghost Walking

What with a cool breeze having blown in from the north, following Thursday night's storming, I attired myself in cool weather attire, as in long pants, to go have myself a post storm commune with nature with the Indian ghosts who haunt Arlington's Village Creek Natural Historical Area.

Elsie Hotpepper made an appearance whilst I was communing with nature today, but she was of very few words.

Prior to ghost walking I got gas. Usually when I get gas I call my mom and dad. But, now that I've finally learned to do that phone texting thing I texted the parental units with that important gas information and a weather report, concluding with "The sky is back blue."

To which my parental units texted back saying "The sky is always blue here."

That big tree  trunk you see above, which has fallen over the paved trail which leads to one of the Village Creek NHA picnic areas, just narrowly missed landing on me.

If by narrowly missed one is marking time by the vast span of geological time.

I did not see much storm action last night at my home zone location. Village Creek did not seem to be running a lot of extra water. The only damage I saw was the aforementioned downed tree.

This morning's bout in the pool was interesting. Due to the air being chilled to around 46 degrees, for the first time this year, that I can recollect, the water was significantly warmer than the air. Even so, I did have myself two hot tub hydrotherapy sessions.

I forgot to mention the successful arrival of the package I was angsting about, earlier in the week. Amazon delivery tracking turned out to be very accurate. At something like 9:39 Wednesday the tracking said the package was out for delivery. About a quarter after four, that afternoon, I walked to the mailbox and found the package. When I got back to my computer I logged back into the Amazon delivery tracking to see it now said something like "Delivery Completed: 4:18 pm".

Sort of spooky.

Somehow Amazon figured out I want a Chromebook, so now Amazon Chromebook ads follow me around the Internet, and this morning, via email, Amazon told me the new HP Chromebook is available for my buying pleasure.....

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