Friday, April 11, 2014

Today We Discuss The Irony Of Why Your An Idiot

A few days ago, on Facebook, via Queen Vee, I was amused by that which you see on the left.

I commented on Queen Vee's Facebook posting, saying....

"It occurs to me that those who make this grammar error will not understand what is amusing about this irony...."

To which Queen Vee replied....

"Yes, I do believe you are correct on this."

The grammar  mistake we are looking at here is quite easy to make. When typing fast I have made this particular mistake, and then corrected it upon proofreading. At least I hope I've caught all the times I've made this error.

I am grateful that I have a wise grammar Nazi, Miss Julie, who kindly points out when I indulge in a questionable act of grammar abuse, like my abuse of whence and hence.

Now, in my distant past I knew a certified registered doctor diagnosed idiot who made this particular "your" grammar error repeatedly, along with other grammar errors. This particular idiot was prone to making comments anonymously, cluelessly clueless that her patented grammar errors identified her like a typed fingerprint.

Years ago I tried to explain a few grammar issues to this particular idiot and then quickly realized it was hopeless because to explain the grammar issues polysyllabic words had to be used, polysyllabic words such as "possessive" and "abbreviate".

As in "your" is what is known as a possessive pronoun, while the words "you" and "are" can be abbreviated as "you're".

As in "You're an idiot". Not "Your an idiot".

I also tried to explain to this particular idiot that one female is a woman, but when you get two or more females together they become women.

And that when you happen upon a great treasure it is not a great "fine", it is, instead, a  great "find".

Also, a "stocking" is something one wears on ones foot, while "stalking" is something some idiots do before making anonymous comments that are not anonymous due to their fingerprinting verbiage.....

UPDATE: After over a couple hundred page views I would have thought by now someone would have commented something like "You're an idiot. It's contract and contraction, not abbreviate and abbreviation".

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