Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Spencer Jack's Wakeboard Lake Has Cleaner Water Than J.D. Granger's Cowtown Wakepark

This morning when I woke up my computer I saw I had incoming email from FNJ (Favorite Nephew Jason).

The subject line of the email said "Spencer Wakeboards in Backyard".

The message in the email said....


Skagit County is suffering a tropical heat wave.  Highs in Seattle predicted to exceed 80 over the next two days.

Spencer Jack used his earnings from a lucrative Easter Egg hunt to purchase a new backyard swimming pool.

I must explain FUD is short for Favorite Uncle Durango, in case you did not already know that.

Wow! My old home zone is suffering a tropical heat wave while I am here in the Deep South shivering from an Arctic Blast that has brought the temperature down from the 90s to the low 50s.

Spencer Jack's Wakeboard Lake and his other engineering projects got me thinking how much my young great nephew has in common with Fort Worth's J.D. Granger.

Both have zero project engineering qualifications. But both are in charge of large engineering projects, with some key differences.

Spencer Jack's Skagit Valley Vision is fully funded, with the original vision completed, yet continuing to be added to.

While J.D. Granger's Trinity River Vision Boondoggle has been Boondoggling for well over a decade, underfunded, with basically nothing built.

Well, there is the Cowtown Wakepark. A crowning achievement, so far, of the TRVB.

And I forgot all the property taken by abusing eminent domain for a public works project the public has never been allowed to vote on. Spencer Jack did not abuse eminent domain for his Skagit Valley Vision.

Spencer Jack's Skagit Valley Vision, of which he is the project  manager, is a massive urban village with trains and a monorail, built in his garage.

J.D. Granger has recently been bragging that soon three extremely ordinary bridges, that he thinks will be a signature look for Fort Worth, will be under construction, maybe, and maybe be finished in three or four years.

J.D.'s bridges will be built over no river. They will be built over an imaginary bypass channel that has yet to be funded, or have its hydraulics designed. As in no one knows how much the imaginary flood gates will cost to divert a flooding Trinity River into the imaginary bypass channel.

Near as I can tell, J.D. Granger is much better at playing than is Spencer Jack. J.D. comes up with Rockin' the River Happy Hour Inner Tube Floats in the polluted Trinity River, while I don't think it has crossed Spencer Jack's mind to float on an inner tube in the un-polluted Skagit River.

J.D. has also come up with pretending to have the world's premiere urban music venue at a location he dubbed Panther Island, which may be an island, I think, if that imaginary bypass channel ever becomes real.

J.D. helped bring about the world's first drive-in movie theater of the 21st century, while I doubt Spencer Jack knows what a drive-in movie theater is.

J.D. also helped bring Fort Worth a much needed little ice rink for six weeks during the winter. I don't think such things cross Spencer Jack's mind. He has his ice needs met by being driven up to the snowy Cascades during the winter.

However, like I already said, in the project engineering part of the vision thing, Spencer Jack is way ahead of J.D. Granger. And has now added a Wakeboard Lake in his backyard, which doubles as a boating venue, which you can see video of below....

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