Saturday, May 17, 2014

Avoiding Town Talk By Walking With Arlington's Village Creek Indian Ghosts

Since today is Saturday my regular thing to be doing would be to go to one of my hiking or biking locations in the Town Talk vicinity prior to going to Town Talk.


I have decided to change my way too predictable pattern and opted out of going to Town Talk today.

One reason being that of late Town Talk has been almost too busy on Saturdays. Sometimes I find this entertaining, but not so much when I am in a hurry.

Today I needed to replenish my milk supply. ALDI is my milk supplier. ALDI is in the opposite direction, from my abode, from Town Talk,  as in Town Talk is west, towards downtown Fort Worth, while ALDI is east, towards downtown Dallas.

With ALDI being only about a half mile north of Arlington's Village Creek Natural Historical Area I decided that would  be my walking location today.

As you can see, above, the crime scene type tape is still cautioning people that there is an apparently dangerous pile of logs and litter jamming behind the Village Creek dam bridge.

I wonder what the Village Creek Indian Ghosts make of the crime scene tape with CAUTION repeated repeatedly on it.

Today on the opposite side of the dam bridge from the log litter jam I saw a big water snake slithering through the water. Water snakes can slither remarkably fast. I suppose some of that speed can be explaining by the fact that the water snake is swimming with the flow of the creek, rather than against the flow.

Next Saturday I suspect I will be returning to Town Talk....


Connie said...

Wasn't too bad when I was there. However, I was kind of "meh" about the selections. Will not be a regular stop for me. I did enjoy the farmer's market out on Belknap. My CSA farmer did not have strawberries this week and I got my husband hooked on strawberries short cake.

Durango said...

Miss Connie, that meh thing is part of what had me not all that eager to go treasure hunting at TT today. It has been awhile since I got some great exotic cheese, or other thing the likes of which I don't find elsewhere.