Sunday, May 18, 2014

Today I Did Not Find New Guerrilla Art On The Tandy HIlls

No, that is not a new piece of guerrilla art you see here, rising from the top of a Tandy Hill.

This particular hill is located about 4 miles east of the Tandy Hills, located pretty much in my backyard.

A couple days ago I went hiking in my neighborhood greenbelt to find myself surprised to see a new line of power poles running east, perpendicular to the collection of power lines which run north and south in my neighborhood greenbelt.

I don't know how this new power line managed to get installed without me noticing. I did notice the rather impressive engineering operation that installed new huge power poles in the greenbelt zone.

In the photo above you are looking east. At the top of the hill, to the right, sits a big, abandoned building which formerly housed my neighborhood Krogers. The power pole at the top of the hill is one of the ones I just mentioned which I had not noticed being installed, even though this line cuts right through where I frequently walk and drive.

I really am not a very observant person is what I am able to conclude from this incident.

Below is another look at the power poles that got installed without me noticing.

I think the design of these new, modern power poles is sort of sculptural, like a piece of urban art. That swath of cleared land into which the power poles are stuck, used to be a rather difficult struggle to walk through. Now it is almost east to walk from the location where this picture was taken, to the site of the aforementioned former Krogers.

Anyway, I had myself a mighty fine time walking around my neighborhood today, working up an appetite for lunch, which today will be cornbread stuffed with a lot of jalapenos, with a lot of cheese melted on top, plus chicken and broccoli.

And lemonade....

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