Thursday, May 8, 2014

Another Stormy May Day In Texas Dodging Raindrops & Roadside Telephone Poles

My Windshield Wiper Slapping Time Today to the Music on the Radio
Well, today's predicted rain arrived as per the prediction, with some large drops dripping as early as my regularly scheduled early morning swim, this 2nd Thursday of May.

I have yet to hear any thunder rolls. Thunderstorms are also on the menu for today.

Today marks the third instance of the infamous Galtex Portugal Weather Jinx.

In the photo you are riding with me to Walmart, looking east towards Dallas, as we drive on John T. White Road.

If you are currently in a more developed part of America, looking at the above photo, do you notice anything you don't see in your part of the world?

Does it strike you, like it strikes me, that it is odd that telephone type poles are stuck in the ground so close to the edge of a road? Do you also notice there is no sidewalk?

What you are looking at is a short distance from John T. White Elementary School, that being a new school built since the Great Recession, a new school with no sidewalks leading to it for the grade schoolers to walk safely on.

Does your part of the world still have overhead wiring strewn on poles? From whence I came such wiring was underground. This made for very few power outages, unlike my current location, where power outages are a frequent occurrence.

Right now raining has abated, no wind is blowing.  Is this the calm before another storm? I don't know. I do know none of my weather monitoring devices are currently in weather drama mode.....

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